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Military Diversion

Military Diversion is a pre-plea diversion program for current or former members of any branch of the United States Military charged with misdemeanor crimes.

The Program

Our participants work towards successful completion of the program by undergoing and completing counseling, complying with supervision and monitoring, and making full payment of victim restitution. Participants attend regular court review hearings to meet with their team and discuss their progress through the program. To be eligible, the court must find that these defendants are suffering from sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorder, and/or mental illness as a result of their military service. This program does not require having an honorable discharge or having combat service to be eligible. Our program is approximately 12-24 months long and participants must agree to warrantless search and seizure and abstinence from all substances. Participants are eligible to have their charges dismissed upon successful completion of the program.

Additional Information

Further information, referral forms, and  answers to frequently asked questions are available through the Private Defender Program or the Probation Department

Additional Resources:

  • The County of San Mateo Veterans Services Office assists veterans and their families with VA benefits and local resources.

    For questions and inquiries concerning VA Benefits or local services:


    Call: (650) 802-6598

  • MIL-100 Form: This form is one way you can let the court know about your military status and allows the judge and sentencing team to consider you for Veteran’s Treatment Court or Military Diversion
    Speak to your attorney or probation officer for help filing a MIL-100 Form
    More information can be found through the website: MIL-100

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